The Inter-Religious Council of Uganda on 30th– May – 2022, signed an MOU with Hatchile Consults Limited the national partner of Afrobarometer. Through the MOU, IRCU, and HCL not only aim to achieve their strategic outcomes more effectively through working together but through it, the two organizations will jointly explore new approaches for enhancing services and informing the policy discourse.

The main objectives for the partnership are: To improve the visibility of Afrobarometer survey data in informing policy in Uganda, share knowledge and ideas in order to develop and innovate new skills, work collaboratively to publish policy papers using survey data from Afrobarometer, and utilize existing vast survey data by Afrobarometer for mutual benefit.

In his remarks, Mr. Francis  Kibirge the team leader of HCL noted that the partnership presents an opportunity to collaborate, jointly write and analyze data on national and global levels.

Mr. Joshua Kitakule, the IRCU Secretary-General welcomed the partnership as a way to boost the IRCU research & knowledge management department with authentic & credible data to inform Policy Advocacy and further help the organization fulfill its mandate of empowering religious leaders to be able to raise to the days challenges.

Afrobarometer is a pan-African, non-partisan survey research network that provides reliable, timely data on the views of ordinary Africans to inform development and policy decision-making.