Advocacy, Policy And Partnership

By nature, IRCU as an organization is a consortium of the main seven religious organizations in the country. IRCU works to influence policies, improve partnerships as well advocate for the voices of the voiceless. Under this function, IRCU deliberately works to improve its partnership with government, stakeholders, and most importantly Faith Based Organizations (FBO).


To promote peace, reconciliation, good governance and holistic human development by through advocacy, influencing policies and creating effective partnerships

Specific Objectives

  • To influence policies at different levels so that they serve the common good
  • To provide effective corporate focus for all IRCU staff involved in coordination and partnership interventions
  • To actively seek out the best partners that can support IRCU’s mission and vision to bring greater access of services to its beneficiaries
  • To speak for and on behalf of sections of Ugandans that do not have a voice