Business, Livelihood and Environmental Governance (BLEG) Program

The BLEG program focuses on household income security, food security and environmental stewardship. It mainly works with women under the Uganda Women of Faith network (UWOFNET) and youth under the Uganda Youth Inter-faith Network (UYIN) in its undertakings.

Women being the mothers of the nation and largely carrying the responsibility to ensure the well-being of their families, and the youth being the leaders of today and tomorrow, it is imperative that they are equipped with skills, knowledge and information to undertake profitable and meaningful livelihood engagement.

BLEG thematically focuses on promoting the following within its target group:

  • Enterprise development and Financial Literacy
  • Group formation and cooperatives growth
  • Environmental Stewardship through climate change effects mitigation and adaptation
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and community resilience
  • Climate smart Agriculture, crop and animal value chain development