Church of the Province of Uganda

Church of the Province of Uganda

Church of Uganda has 35.9% followers out of Uganda‚Äôs population of 34.5 million people. The Church has been complementing government programs since 1877.  Church of Uganda has the following institutions;

38 Dioceses
1 Radio station
5118 Primary schools
460 Secondary schools
50 Post-Secondary/vocational schools
600 Archdeaconries
4,000 Parishes
2,500 Sub-parishes or congregations

213 Hospitals and health centers e.g

6 Universities namely:

Other institutions include Uganda Bookshop, Nabugabo holiday center, Centenary Publishing, Social centers, Babies homes etc.

His Grace the Most Rev. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu

Archbishop Church of Uganda

Chairperson Council of Presidents, IRCU

2019 to date