Keep the spirit of Muslim unity and inter faith dialogue during Ramadhan – Sheikh Mubaje

Keep the spirit of Muslim unity and inter faith dialogue during Ramadhan – Sheikh Mubaje

His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the chair of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda’s Council of Presidents, on Friday 26th May, called upon Uganda police to heighten security dung the holy month of Ramadhan in a bid to ensure Muslims’ safety during night prayers.

Mubaje who also is the Grand Mufti delivered his Ramadhan message through the 2nd Deputy Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa and urged security agencies to guarantee security for Muslims against the infamous Kijambiya criminal gangs that have terrorized a big part of central Uganda.

“I call upon security personnel to ensure the safety of Muslims who will be going for night prayers (Taraweh) and those who wake up at night for ‘Daaku’” the Mufti noted during a Press Conference held at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Headquarters in Old Kampala.

The Mufti also urged Muslims to make the best of the coming 30 days, noting that the Holy month of Ramadhan is like a blank cheque; an opportunity for Muslims to amass as many rewards and blessings as possible.

“In this month, Allah grants the believers more Thawab (rewards) for their good deeds and blessings are increased manifold and God has said He will forgive even more sins, so how can we let this opportunity to go by?” the Mufti stated in the message.

He noted that this year’s holy month has come at a time when Uganda is facing challenges like growing acts of immorality, high crime rate, hunger and corruption.

“This will be an opportunity for us to pray for our dear country Uganda to come out of many challenges including hunger, diseases, violent extremism, immorality and crime that have inflicted harm upon the entire citizens of this country” the Mufti stressed.


Further, he warned Muslims against being lured into earthly desires, saying this would jeopardize their fasting.

“Keep your tongues and body from sin. When provoked into a fight or quarrel, remind your attackers that you are fasting. We all know that Satan can manifest in human beings. This is the reason we should be careful about people leading you to sin,” he advised.

The Mufti further called upon all those employing Muslims to create a conducive environment for fasting Muslims employees and appealed to Muslims to keep up the spirit of Muslim unity and inter faith dialogue.

“Ramadhan is a month of forgiveness; we reflect on the goodness of Allah. Besides that, forgiveness fosters togetherness of people, regardless of their background,” Mubajje said.

He stressed the importance of reading the Holy Quran, repentance, giving to charity and intensifying other good deeds during this holy month noting that;

“The Month of Ramadhan is a month that only a fool would let pass without trying to obtain as

Fasting for this year’s holy month of Ramadhan started on Saturday May 27th 2017.