Press Statement Second Meeting of the UNaDiCoT

Press Statement Second Meeting of the UNaDiCoT

The Uganda National Dialogue Coordinating Team (UNaDiCoT) met for its second session at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe on May 9-10, 2019. The Team is a multi-stakeholder platform which is entrusted with the responsibility of convening the Uganda National Dialogue.

The need for a national dialogue is a culmination of consultations by citizens since 2016.

The vision of the Uganda National Dialogue is: “A just and morally upright society founded on socio-economic justice, shared prosperity, popular governance, and respect for the rule of law ”.

The goal of the dialogue process is to arrive at an agreed national consensus to consolidate peace, democracy, and inclusive development to achieve equal opportunity for all Ugandans.

Adoption of the National Dialogue Agenda

The Coordinating Team considered and approved the Uganda National Dialogue Process Framework Paper.

The Uganda National Dialogue will address 8 agenda items. These are:

  1. A national political consensus
  2. A national consensus on constitutionalism and the rule of law
  • A national values consensus
  1. A national diversity consensus
  2. Land, land justice, access to natural resources and the environment
  3. A national consensus on an economy that works for everybody
  • A national consensus on minimum standards for quality public service delivery.
  • A national consensus on implementation mechanism for the outcomes of the national dialogue

Establishing of Working Committees

The Uganda National Dialogue Coordinating Team (UNaDiCoT) considered and adopted its Standard Operating Procedures and established the following National Dialogue Working Committees to facilitate its operations. The committees are:

  1. Strategic Coordination Committee
  2. Resource Mobilization Committee
  3. The Eminent Persons Committee
  4. Partnerships for Dialogue committee
  5. Training Committee

The UNaDiCoT is carrying out final consultations with stakeholders on the appropriate dates for the official launching of the dialogue which is planned to take place before the end of July 2019.

Bishop Joshua Lwere


Hon. Mwesigwa-Rukutana


Mr. Henry Kyemba

Members of UNaDiCoT during the press briefing in Entebbe.

Members of UNaDiCoT during the press briefing in Entebbe.