Urgent Appeal For Food & Other Essential Commodities

Urgent Appeal For Food & Other Essential Commodities

On December 31st, 2019 the World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 outbreak. As of 26th March, 2020, there were 462,684 confirmed cases and 20,834 deaths globally. In Africa, there are more than 600 confirmed cases and these are expected to increase.

Countries around the world have stipulated measures in a bid to curb the spread of the disease ranging from partial to total lock-downs, tax incentives and quarantine, among others.

In Uganda, His Excellency the President has on several occasions issued guidelines intended to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. These range from closure of worship places, bars, entertainment/social centers, schools, and suspension of in-coming flights from high-risk countries. With an increase in the number of infected Ugandans, the President was recently compelled to close markets selling non-food items, and banned public transport.

It is worth noting that 68% of Ugandans live from hand-to-mouth and these measures are likely to impoverish a large section of the citizens and cause untold suffering and engender lawlessness in the country. This is aggravated by the fact that the President’s pronouncement was so sudden and caught Ugandans unprepared.

It is against this background that members of the IRCU Council of Presidents appeal to companies, corporations, the private sector and all Ugandans of good-will to come to the assistance of the now vulnerable Ugandans. In particular, we appeal for donations in form of house-hold items, food (sugar, salt, rice, flour, water), sanitary items and CASH to support vulnerable families and groups, specifically Persons with Disabilities, the elderly, orphans, the sick, and care-givers who are being affected by the business lock-down and, therefore, cannot sustain themselves during this period.

Further, we appeal to the Government of Uganda to consider taking measures intended to cushion citizens against the adverse effects of the economic impact of the lock-down on the lives of vulnerable people.

For all those who would love to extend a helping hand, please reach out to Mr. Joshua Kitakule, Secretary General IRCU on Plot 245, Sentema Road, Mengo Hill Kampala during office hours or e-mail secretarygeneral@ircu.or.ug and Mob. Tel. 0782551108. And to Ms. Sharon Akidi Regina, IRCU Communications and Public Relations Manager on e-mail asharon@ircu.or.ug or mob. Tel. 0781452833.


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